Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Amelia: I'm VER Y sick...

Hi! How's going?

Man... I'm tired... sick.. and sad.

I entered in Comics (any style, it's just a name) to do my own projects. But I've discovered the publishers don't give a fuck for our project, DON'T CARE HOW GOOD IT IS. Really! I heard my projects were good, but the publishers/editors are more interested in your arms and services than your creative force/mind... I'm INSIDE this industry and THEY said it to me...

I'll publish my own project (by myself, if it's necessary), but as I'm working for other clients in this time, my projects will delay a billion of years to be finished (no, NOOBIE, they don't want to see a little showcase and read your script to approve something. They want the WHOLE thing... THAT's the way the things work!).

Okay, stop with my bableeing. Sketch of this week:

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I have two looooooooooooong mangas to do... But I have to work for clients to survive. I thank for it because, at least, I have a job... (I really must to thank because there are a million people better than me and unemployed).

thanks again for all support!