Friday, May 11, 2007

Amelia: Doodle

Hi, guyys1 I hope everyone's okay!

Luak, eu vi as páginas. Acho que tem que ser uma cena dramática pra eles :p. Só quero ver como eles vão sustentar todas as páginas com narrativas dramáticas... Acho nada de errado com a sua. Apenas não é um momento dramático como eles querem :p

Man, I'm here, just wainting for editor email answer and I sit my big and fat butt on the chair and start to do this thing. I lit' doodle for you, guys. Nothing special and with more things to fix... but, who cares?

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This guy's from my ongoing manga project (the with the blood boy, blood girl and the demon...). One day, when I to have a great name (hope) I'll do this story... I think the majority of artists or writers don't have idea how ongoing stories are hard to have a green light from any editor...