Saturday, June 28, 2008

Amelia: I wanna play video games...

Hello, no time no see, eh?

Oh, boy! In the next week I'll finish a Graphic Novel I'm drawing through one whole year.

I've a PS3 with GTA IV and MGS4... damn, I wanna play my games! If I have some minutes in my life, the last thing I'd do is drawing, hehe. Of course! What would you do if you have a PS3 with plasma TV and all games you love? Drawing? No!!!!!! uhuehuehueh. Well, But that's my budget and I like the paper, so that's a lit' sketch:


Just a sketch, testing a character... I'm always think about my own projects and the more I think, the more I'm sure I'll never publish them. Not a lack of quality or blah blah blah, but I'll never adjust my mind with this industry. Maybe a European comic market...

thanks for wasting your time here! :)

One love, rasta!