Monday, July 27, 2009

Amelia: Mercy Thompson artist at Tri-City Herald

Hi, hi!
I'm here not just to show my ugly face! I did a interview for Tri-City Herald, the newspaper for Tri-City and your kind citizens. Mercy Thompson comic had a good and positive impact between the fans of this comic and Mr. Peterson talked with me about the challenge to do this comic in a craziest deadline I've ever had before (22 pages in 8 days, maaaan!). Fans of MErcy Thompson living in Tri-City area, please, read the interview. If you're not from Tri-City area, it's just to ask for it and I'll put the interview after it be published in journal here.

the most important part of the post. Mercy Thompson page 06, issue #4:


Thanks for all support! :)