Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Amelia: Daring...

Bry: -Eu ia trancar esse semestre por causa do trabalho. Entrei em condição e nem sabia. Agora sou forçada a fazer 16 créditos ou sou desligada da Universidade. Meu IRA é praticamente o máximo, tenho mais de 15 SS nas menções, mas eles abrem exceções para alunos que esfaqueam os outros no C.O ao invés de alunos que estão lá porque querem, não porque precisam... UNB SUXXX forever (ou forevis :P).

Lancaster: Ehehe, valeu.

Dan Kim: HALELLUJAH!!! ele postou!!!! Depois de mais de 5 meses sem post nenhum, ele está de volta!!! welcome back, buddy. I missed you :). My preferred character you did was "pornstar". Very hot :)!

Okay, let us see how many time Photobucket takes to notice these cutes:



These are old drawings, fellas.
Thanks for spending your time on our blog! I owe you

Kim - It's been a while...

Eh... like always I'm absent due to lazyness and various reasons that I don't wanna mention again! U__U... Ok, it was because I'm a lazyass! LMAO! XD~ Geez... don't stare at me like that! Stop! Stop! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *into sugar rush mode* XD~ Neewayz... I didn't drew much lately, but I'm reading a lot... of Comics and books. I'm not a Manga addict as I was before and I don't think it's a bad thing, you know? It isn't good to be trapped into a style of comic books.

I love everything that Adam Hughes draw now. Also Chris Brachallo - that guy is good! And there are other artists that I don't remember the name now... like the one that does the art in the Ultimate Fantastic Four... he's pretty good, dude! I wanna be like them when I grow up! LOL. Ok... I'll stop blabbering and post something new.

Ninja Gayden! <3

Blond ambition girl in Tokyo.

Bubbles, er, I mean... Supergirl!<3

Wonderwoman! =D

Porn Star warning! *.*

Look... he has a butt! OuO

The comments are ridiculous, I know, but it was intentional! XD
Er... I'll post more girls in the next post, I think... I liked to draw Supergirl-y.

But... that's all for today, folks!
See you next time! =D