Friday, February 01, 2008

Amelia: Mafia guys

Hey! More mafia caricatures:


See you aroubd, folks!

Amelia: Goodfellas are done

Whassup, niggas?

Well, I'm screwed up because my deadline. My brain is similar to a mixer...
But I did this sketch... because nobody else can does it. Lua is without computer, her computer died. She's done! Daniel Kim is a bit of two things, half busy, half lazy... He's done too.

Man... What about my partners? What in the fuckin' good name will I do without'em? Well, for me it's just remains posting sketches here... alone... by myself... on my own... *sigh*... poor fellas...

'Kay! without more sniffs. Update! This sketch has two wiseguys (mafia experienced men who has a prestige with the big boss):


Man, I love drawing gangstas caricatures! I could be do it by all day :)

thanks for you, pals!