Thursday, April 24, 2008


Hi, Hi! Felipe putting the house down with a mega production in our sketchbook. Wow, he came here to take our 'sketchbook" in other level ... upward :).

I kept these sketches (Character Design silhouettes) to upload when I didn't have time for anything. Now is this time :P. From the same story of this military guy I did before and asked for ya to vote:


E desculpe a todos aqueles que não estive mais no msn. EStou no esquema de escolhas ultimamente. Ou como ou tomo banho. Ou durmo ou faço a resenha pra faculdade. Tipo isso. Mas eu volto nas férias pro msn!

Thanks, folks!

Newbie aboard

Hello, I'm a new member of the blog, my name is Felipe Sobreiro... I've known Amelia for some time now, we study in the same place, and we're fans of each other's works, apparently... I hope you like my stuff and thanks for letting me in!

Here's a digital painting I did over the holliday, it's all done in Photoshop.