Saturday, February 24, 2007

As I promised, I've returned...
I did this speedpainting today and it's just for radiosity study. Strange pose of this parachutist...

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Well... I know Lua is at her work now. I know she couldn't post anything here today, but if NOBODY to post NOTHING until Monday, I'm out of this.

See you tomorrow, folks!

Amelia: Mechanical Pencil VS. Digital sketching

Hi again!
Man...I'm here, think about the comic industry after I to have a strange experience in game industry. Well, the comic job is the BEST job you can get in. You work in your own home, make your own schedule and they pay nice bucks for ya (and you'll be doing a fun thing). What you want more than it? Huh? Huh? Huh? In game industry, in 3D area, you work like a fuckin' slave, without schedule or comfort... and you don't get anything in creation part... and for me, before the money comes my personal realization.

Okay, stopping with this Mambo-Jambo...

I'm opening today with some "handmade" random sketches.

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And here comes the question. What is more comfortable for ya? Sketching with mechanical pencils or on digital way?

In this sketch, I used a Sumi-e brush, the best brush I've never seen before!!! Look this for yourselves to check out!

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This is a sketch I'm sending to trash and I wanna show before it:

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and at last, my sketches TODAY:

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See you later, alligator :P (in noon I'm posting more)!