Monday, July 14, 2008

Amelia: Big D

Hi! Been a while, eh?

Valeu pelo comentário, Lancaster!

I finished the graphic novel to my clients. I'm retouching some pages and I hope finish everything in a few days.

Well, lately some news from comic industry made me sick, so depressive... Things like 100% of right in comic work goes to publishers and the chances to publish your own thing is almost nothing... Man, I have to do a great Game art portfolio to dropout from comic industry. But nothing wrong with it if your desire is to be just a penciler or colorist. Don't give up if your intentions are these :). It's plenty of jobs for it. But if you're a Comic/manga/whatever creator, beware of where is you stepping... just a advice by experience.

I sketched it when I was depressive. Strange. Every moment I feel like this, my thoughts go to Ongaku Pawaa. Maybe because I'll never publish this story with 11 years of existence :P


Enough with this depressive shit. Now, I'm felling better.