Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LUA: nada de mais

mel! eu gostei da mulher de vestido bege!
o mais vc ja sabe ^^

bom, unas redenhos bobos...



Thursday, November 13, 2008

Amelia: My precious!

Hi! Long time no see you, eh?

I'm working on layouts to Freedom Formula by Edmund Shern. This comic is being published by Radical Comics and produced by Imaginary Friends Studio. A bunch of nice guys in these places! :) All my thanks to Mr. David Elliot, Mr. Jeremy and Mr. Shern. And my great admiration to Chris, doing a amazing pencil job! Hehehe, I'm the only gal in that place and all guys are treating me good ^____^!

Okay! I can't show you the layouts from last Freedom Formula Chapter, but I can show you... my personal work. Man, I'm using one hour per day to dedicate some work on my projects at least. They're growing up very slow, but I think I'll have some stuff to the next Cons :). Share time!


Working in a pitch for a comedy animation talking (and criticizing) about feminine world. Targeting mature audience. Where is this shit will be produced, well... this is a surprise! Here is some concepts:


Easy to do because I'm using 3D Max, Z-brush, Sound Forge and all stuff. I'll use my old version of After Effects, but I don't know how to use it yet... YET! My concern is concentrating on some scripts and speeches for while, because THIS is the most important part for me on this animation. I did almost the first whole episode script without speeches (attagirl!).

2)Comic_Cold War II:

Almost 2 years developing this project and it's just now I was be able to finish the script in a descent way. I'm happy with the characters and story, but the speeches on script is being a pain in the neck...

The story is about two genius brothers who are maintained captives by former military Russian special forces with psych powers interested on their genius formulas. So the mission of Cap. Starr is rescuing them, but the things are not what he thought and the true enemies appeared besides some "ghosts" from past. It's a long story with 8 chapters.

Concepts! This first chara design is Captain Starr. This isn't his final suit because he has three different models through the whole comic (he peels off as a banana, hehe):


Concepts to mechas and environment are a bit retro... as 30's (WW2) and 60's (gold age of Cold War). I did a extensive research in a whole year and I found incredible things!

Some unfinished environment:



Mecha Designs... er, just in concepts for now:


And some pictures which are inspiring me to do this project:

Maschine Krieger:


Real... REAL russian vehicle photo from WW2:


3)Comic_Kings Club: Merc5:

Ah, this is my jewel. A jewel I'm polishing :). Everything in this shit is complex... the storytelling, the characters, the speeches... The speeches! But everything is working so good for me that I felt the easiest project to work with.

Kings Club is a mercenary agency. This story is focused on an elite members trying to survive a revenge. They deserve to die, but they want to! Now, these member have to catch their executioner before he do it.

Some lit' sample of this:




hehehe, characters in cartoon mode:


Okay! All these projects are registered. Protected by law, so I thought I could show them now :).

Thanks a lot for spending your time in our blog!