Sunday, November 25, 2007

Amelia: PS Brushes can save your life (and your time.. get it the pun :P?)

Howdies, fellas!

For Photoshop lovers, I'm working in some brushes to the Graphic Novel I'm working to my clients. A tip to build a brush. Take a photo with some cool texture. After this, select a expressive area then make it a brush with this. When you had your new brush, go to Brushes set up (it is always on the top of PS bar) and mark the Option "Shape Dynamics". INSIDE this option, go to option "Angle Jitter" and mark "Direction" as your option. Man... you can this great things with this options.

I did a test with some new brushes I did (just a stupid sketch... after all, this blog is to do it ^_~):
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-Para os amantes do Photoshop. Eu estava trabalhando nuns pincéis para o quadrinho que estou fazendo para meus clientes (acelerar processo sempre é importante). uma dica na hora de construir um pincel maneiro pra PS.Pegue uma foto com uma textura. Selecione uma área desta imagem e faça um pincel. Depois disto, vá para a opção de edição de pincéis (posição standard naquela barra de cima). Acione a opção Shape Dynamics e depois entre na opção Angle Jitter. Dentro desta opção, marque como Direction... Isso dá um efeitos muito bacanas, aliados a rotação do pincel no Rotate dos Brushes... dá pra destruir umas coisas com isso :P.

Fiz um teste cretino com esses pincéis que fiz, mas não consegui colocar tudo que fiz numa imagem só (imagine que lindo iria ficar :P).É esta que está acima.

See you later!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Amelia: I'm VER Y sick...

Hi! How's going?

Man... I'm tired... sick.. and sad.

I entered in Comics (any style, it's just a name) to do my own projects. But I've discovered the publishers don't give a fuck for our project, DON'T CARE HOW GOOD IT IS. Really! I heard my projects were good, but the publishers/editors are more interested in your arms and services than your creative force/mind... I'm INSIDE this industry and THEY said it to me...

I'll publish my own project (by myself, if it's necessary), but as I'm working for other clients in this time, my projects will delay a billion of years to be finished (no, NOOBIE, they don't want to see a little showcase and read your script to approve something. They want the WHOLE thing... THAT's the way the things work!).

Okay, stop with my bableeing. Sketch of this week:

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I have two looooooooooooong mangas to do... But I have to work for clients to survive. I thank for it because, at least, I have a job... (I really must to thank because there are a million people better than me and unemployed).

thanks again for all support!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

LUA: testing...

hi... I'm tired... nah, and i'm tired of talk about my depressive thoughts =___='

i'm with my friend Pedro doing a comic... then, these are the studies about our chara, she is chinese...

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that's all -__-

Amelia: Slashing my enemy.


Time! Hours! Minutes! You're my enemy!!!

This isn't a sketch. It's a cover to Dark Horse for comics about "Who wants to be Hero" Stan Lee TV Show. I did Basura cover for them some months ago:

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In the final version, someone gave BLACK SOCKS to Basura on cover O__O... and it was weird. 'kay, it was annoying because someone put the hands on my job and I don't know who is.