Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Amelia: falling love with Bastards

Yo, my favorite niggas!

As always, I'm dying with deadlines.

But I reserved 15 minutes from my busy life to do it. A new sketch. From movie "Behind Enemy Lines". A movie plenty of f*cking bastards faces I falled in love :). I love to draw mobsters faces. Veeeeeeery interesting! And military mob faces is the best! Check this bulldog face out:


Cool, eh? This guy would look like a mob anyway, with suit or military battle gear! His face! His posture! Wow!

The next I'll do it'll be our beloved sniper from this movie. The actor is the same from GTA IV (Niko Beli in game). Man! I love this actor so much!

thanks for reserve your time to visit here. Appreciated that!

see you later, folks!