Monday, March 10, 2008

Amelia: Screwed Up, Baby!

Hi! I hope you're well, cuz I'm not :P!

My university fucked me a lot... bastards... in the mid of my job with comics.


I was without energy power about 2 hours at this Saturday (with my deadline in my neck...), so I did this rough sculpture with Biscuit (shit stuff to do things like this) because it's the only thing I could do without eletricity -__-.
Yeah, baby, fuck yeah! It's HIM! H-I-M!!! No, not Mantis from Metal Gear, He looks like but he isn't him. This guy is The Constitution from Automatic Kafka, One of coolest comics I've ever read in my life! From Ashley Wood (Art) and Joe Casey (Writer). Read it if you have opportunity! Very good comic. Okay, that's my "tribute". It's a WIP (Work in Progress):


And for guys, a premonitorian gal... She took her eye and put it in "third vision" place... cool, eh? (A bit hash. 15 minutes sketch):


From Monday, 03:21 AM. Thanks!